A Simple Mission

Change how companies and countries create and allocate capital

A Profound Ambition

Map the economic genome and help change who leads the world


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My wife was right

In 1993, while my wife was dean of students at Harvard Dental School, she asked me - ‘why don’t guys get it?”. I asked her - what do you mean.. She answered - male leaders only care about money and things. Don’t people, knowledge, kindness and authentic relationships also matter? Why aren’t they assets? I thought - hmmm. She could be onto something.

Since I was a ‘guy’ co-managing a $2B real estate portfolio at the Hancock. and all we talked about was money and things (buildings) - I thought, this can’t be right. What about the people, their needs, and data in the buildings? Aren’t they more powerful and valuable?


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The human and economic genome.

In 2000, Craig Venter mapped the human genome - all 4 billion combinations of 4 basic chemicals - Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine.

In the 7 years since my wife asked me her question about what truly matters, I started thinking and researching - is there a parallel between the human and economic genome? Was there an economic genome with an equally simple equation - e.g. a limited number of factors that like the human genome combine in 4 billion different ways in organizations?

As such, In 2000, the same year that Craig published his findings, I wrote my first book - Cracking the Value Code - and published my first patent on the economic genome.


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Mindfulness matters

In 2009, I took up meditation due to a serious health condition.  I quickly learned that mindfulness matters - specifically, my thoughts were driving my words, actions and outcomes (paraphrase M. Ghandi) and therefore my overall health. Said differently, there is a mind body connection.  

It is no different in business. Leaders and board members have thoughts which are turned into actions and those actions determine their firm’s future destiny via what they measure, invest in and manage.  This simple insight enabled me to more clearly understand the relationship between mental and business models and consequently economic outcomes which could be mapped.



Megan joins the team.

In 2013, as a board member of the SEI Center at Wharton and a senior research fellow, I hired Megan Beck to help me further document my research and core beliefs value and values.

By 2015, she and others had analyzed thousands of companies using my patented 5 factor model. The result, we published our findings in a book by HBR called The Network Imperative as well co-authored 75+ articles in Forbes, WSJ, MIT’s Sloan Management Review and HBR.. At that time, we also started building our team to instrument ourselves and use machines to replace ourselves.


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AlphaGo beats Go.

AlphaGo beat Go - the oldest board game in the world. And we said: Let’s use that same technology to help companies and investors companies outperform the market by better allocating their human, intellectual and financial capital.  

So we built our own version of that capability using Google’s DeepMind solution called Tensor Flow. Since then, we developed a machine learning team and platform to help companies and investors make better, faster decisions and change the way they create value.


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FICO like scores for benchmarking

All of us know, or should know our FICO scores - the scores that we receive from scoring companies that determine whether we are credit worthy or not and what price we will pay for debt - be it mortgages, credit cards, car or student loans.

We decided that a similar idea could be applied to all organizations that investors, customers, employees and partners could use to determine a company’s growth prospects. So we created the Business Model Classification System (BMCS). We also use NLP to generate automated recommendations to help leaders improve their score.


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It’s time for an inversion

Our collective future depends on how we answer my wife’s original question: should things and money be valued more than you, me and our knowledge, kindness and relationships. Further, why should men lead woman in the network age? I don’t think so!

It is for this reason, we started AIMatters: To help leaders and investors reallocate capital from things and money to platforms, networks and intelligence;. to invert what we value, manage and measure; and to invert who leads (woman) if we want to create exponential growth and value in society, in organizations and in our lives.



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